Tech Summit 2018 -
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

Technology briefing for government and corporate decision-makers, venture capitalists, strategic investors and private equity bankers

Innovation, Disruptive Technologies and Emerging Markets

The Tech Summit  "Innovation, Disruptive Technologies and Emerging Markets"  focuses on disruptive technologies that feed innovation, stimulate creation of new products, and spur sustainable economic growth in companies, communities, and countries. Tech Summit is a forum of discussion and opportunity for technology leaders to advance implementation of new technologies as a means to disrupt less efficient and costly processes and deliver timely and effective technical solutions to address economy needs.

Who attends?

Tech Summit 2015 is a technology briefing for government and corporate decision-makers, venture capitalists, strategic investors and private equity bankers. You can join this small, elite and closely knitted group of professionals meeting for informal discussion on future of new markets and technologies, only through the personal introduction. Due to overwhelming demand and small size of the event (we keep it intentionally small to preserve elitist atmosphere), attendance for this event is only by personal invitation.

Technology & Market Briefing

Technology & Market Briefing is brought to you by association with Market Research Media Ltd, publishers of comprehensive market research reports and forecasts. The briefing is a unique opportunity to learn from leading technology experts and market analysts. Market research and case studies will be presented at the briefing.

Special Session: Intersection of Cloud Computing and Mobility

As part of its ongoing cloud computing discussions, the Tech Summit is hosting the special session "The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility". The session will bring together experts in the field of cloud and mobility for plenary talks, panel discussion, facilitated breakout discussions and networking. Session participants will address market perspectives and visions for cloud and mobility. Presentations will explore key challenges such as privacy, security, business/economic and behavioral issues.

Critical Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

Session participants will address market perspectives and visions for critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Panels will illuminate the current state of the critical infrastructure cybersecurity, and share near and future applications and technologies. The task of the special session is to discuss current market opportunities at the intersection of government and private sectors and to share lessons learned. The audience of experts in cybersecurity from industry, government and academia will explore the cybersecurity challenges and market opportunities.

Discover how to radically simplify your enterprise infrastructure and bootstrap development process. Join live discussions and learn real-life case studies.


Vienna has much to offer as a venue for the conference - explore and connect to this vibrant city, its museums, and restaurants, enjoy the picturesque Innere Stadt and its imperial charm. The Vienna's city center has the highest concentration of sightseeings and museums in the world, among them the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace, Imperial Treasury, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Naturhistorisches Museum and many many others. It's not by chance that we selected Vienna as the venue for our conference. The City of Vienna is known for its support for science, research, and innovative technologies. We have also prepared the rich entertaining program to make your experience unforgettable.

Never ending LAN party

Connectivity assured wherever you are for the duration of the conference. We know our people and how they hate to be offline. Well, it might happen but most of the time you'll be connected.

Networking in an informal atmosphere

There will be plenty opportunities to socialize with peers in a pleasant informal environment.

Case Studies

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