About - Posters.org

Posters.org is a publication and digital archive of Exclusive, a media monitoring, marketing and PR channel facilitating spread of information, engagement and exposure to targeted audiences through creative digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling evolves into an art form itself and important outreach tool to promote business, create awareness and engage conversation with targeted audience. We are increasingly called to communicate and present information using small blocks of text combined with images that fit in Twitter’s 140-character limit and work well across different social media channels. We cover knowledge-intensive industries – market research, technologies and events.

This site is many things.  An exclusive curated collection of images & notes from editorial assignments, conferences, tradeshows & travels, covering rather eclectic choice of hobbies, activities & odd pursuits, photography masterclasses and photo walks, graphic design experiments and  collages. A photo archive and image purgatory in which photos destined for editorial "undergo  purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven" to be published either in physical or digital media.

Some of these works combined with catchy phrase merit for posters, some are destined to collect digital dust in  archive till their time to come. 

Still, irregardless of their art value, the works presented at Posters.org have one thing in common - they reflect zeitgeist, spirit of a particular moment, place , with all associated moods, beliefs and ideas.

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